Topic: Websitebaker Integration

Hi folks,

I am using Websitebaker and did enjoy the SimpleViewer (restricted version) galleries which can be used as Module in Websitebaker. Since I didnt like the limitation of 50 pictures, I just purchased the SV Pro Version.
Surprise, surprise: SV Pro is a nice Desktop application. Unfortunately I cannot use the tool in a desktop environment, since our Web Developers are jointly working on our pages so that we would need SV Pro as Websitebaker module and not as a desktop tool.

Question: Any chance to upgrade the SimpleViewer standard module to PRO (and get rid of the limitations) and use it as Websitebaker Module ?

Thanks for your support

Re: Websitebaker Integration

The WebsiteBaker SimpleViewer Module can be upgraded from SimpleViewer-Standard (which it come bundled with) to SimpleViewer-Pro (to remove the branding and 50-image limit) by replacing the 'svcore' folder within the module with the 'svcore' folder from the SimpleViewer-Pro download zip package ('simpleviewer_pro_2.3.1/web/svcore/').

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team