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Hello all!

Steven I'm currently a 2.3.1 Pro customer .
I try to make a non flash gallery for my website:

Is there any way to set up the gallery of thumbnail in the HTML version?

I loved the result after clicking on a thumbnail and it works perfectly on my iPad. But the thumbnail gallery is very ugly. It would be great if I could make my own thumbnail gallery and create links to the larger images using svBuilder. How could I do this?

In other words, any links to beautiful effect with the larger picture of svBuilder.

Thank you very much!

Re: Mobile Player thumbnails

The thumbnail page within the Mobile Player is not configurable (other than deciding whether or not to show the thumbnails and the thumbnail page count at all). The configuration options available to the Mobile Player can be found here.

It is also not possible to link thumbnails within a SimpleViewer gallery directly to specific URLs.

You could set up your own thumbnail page (using HTML and CSS) and link each of your own thumbnails to a specific image in your gallery using the Direct Linking functionality in the SimpleViewer-Pro API. Please see this web page for details and an online example.
You would then likely want to set mobileShowThumbs="FALSE" in your gallery's XML file so that the user cannot be redirected to the Mobile Player's own thumbnail page (though you may need to introduce a link, perhaps overlaid on top of the gallery, to allow users to return to your own thumbnail page).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Mobile Player thumbnails

Thank you Steven for you quick response.

you plan to improve future versions of the gallery thumbnails to mobile? I have enough interest,  :) would be perfect if this galery suport full html5.

I have these two suggestions, link directly to any image larger image SVB and better mobile gallery setting.

I have one more question about the mobile gallery.
I Would increase the size of the thumbnail for mobile? No problem if I need change out of the SVB.

Thank you again! And congratulations for this tool.

Re: Mobile Player thumbnails

There are currently no plans to change the behaviour or layout of the thumbnail page within the SimpleViewer Mobile Player.
If you are looking for a more configurable HTML (non-Flash) gallery, you might like to take a look at another one of our products, Juicebox. Juicebox is an HTML image gallery which does not use or rely on Adobe Flash Player. It has many Thumbnail Configuration Options, all of which can be supported on mobile devices (depending on the Screen Mode selected).
There are many demo Juicebox galleries which you can view here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Mobile Player thumbnails

Was exactly what I needed. I bought the wrong product :( unfortunable I don't see this tool...
Steven, please I sent to you an email about it. Sorry about my mistake.

Thank you again.