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Sorry if this is a faulty operator at keyboard error ... I am new to SimpleViewer pro...

I have generated a gallery and embedded it into my web page... The only thing is that I have a large amount of white space at the top and bottom of the images... If I remove the embedded code all the white space is gone ?



Re: Large Amount of White Space at top and Bottom

Try setting the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight configuration options in your gallery's XML file (which should be set to the width of the widest image in the gallery and the height of the tallest image in your gallery respectively) in order for SimpleViewer to determine the best layout for your gallery.
Descriptions of the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight configuration options can be found in the Standard Options section of the SimpleViewer-Pro Config Options page.

Also, please see the Layout Troubleshooting section of the SimpleViewer-Pro Layout Guide which deals with the question:
"I have extra spacing in my gallery. How do I get rid of it?"

Additionally, your gallery suffers from the scenario described in this FAQ:
My gallery does not show in Firefox or gets cropped to a small height. Why?
This quick and easy fix is to define your gallery's height as a fixed pixel value rather than as a percentage, such as:

simpleviewer.load("sv-container", "100%", "600", "FFFFFF", true);
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Large Amount of White Space at top and Bottom

Hey, I am having the same issue. I've gone through the suggested routes to fix this as well as the FAQ and suggestion to change the bg color of the HTML page to see if the swf is the culprit, and as you can see, the SWF takes up a great deal of the page.

I would really love to get rid of the space at the bottom and am trying to figure out exactly what I'm doing wrong. Here are links to the settings on this gallery in case this is pertinent info:

back button … button.png

button bar … tonbar.png

caption … aption.png

embed options … ptions.png

fixed layout … layout.png

general … eneral.png

image overlay … verlay.png

main image … nimage.png

standard … andard.png

thumbnail navigation … ailnav.png

thumbnails … bnails.png

title … /title.png

Also, here is the preview that shows up when I am editing the gallery in svBuilder-Pro. It shows as having the kind of space I want, I'm not sure why it doesn't do this? … review.png

Re: Large Amount of White Space at top and Bottom

I would really love to get rid of the space at the bottom

Increase your gallery's maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight values in your gallery's XML file (they are currently set to 500 and 600 respectively) so that when SimpleViewer scales your images, the images will be large enough to fill the image area, resulting in less space.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Large Amount of White Space at top and Bottom

Even when I had those values higher, there was a large amount of space- and I don't want that much space. I don't want my images to be larger than they are right now or to take up the entire page either, so I guess I don't really see how increasing those values would help?

I wanted to be able to put text underneath my gallery but to even see it you have to scroll way down. I've seen people do this to their simpleviewer galleries and it seems like something that should be very easy to control, but everything I've tried does nothing to help, either to take away the large blank spaces or to even minimize them, and I would love some insight on this because I'm super frustrated and am not sure what else to do. Thank you!

Re: Large Amount of White Space at top and Bottom

Currently, the values you use for maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight are limiting the size of your images within the gallery. Your gallery's dimensions are dynamic (changing with the size of the user's browser window) and in a tall browser window, the gallery's height will be large but the images will not be able to be scaled any larger than the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight values, resulting in space below the images (as you use imageVAlign="TOP").
If you do not want your images to be displayed any larger, then the only way to reduce the space is to limit the height of the gallery, perhaps by setting the gallery's height to a fixed pixel value (rather than a percentage).

If you would like to have a header and footer of fixed height on your web page and have your SimpleViewer gallery resize to fill the remaining browser window space (with no vertical scroll bar), please see the Using a Resizable Gallery with a Header section of the Embedding Guide.
Check out the View Vertical Resizable Gallery with Header Example. You can download the sample (or view the source of the page in a browser) and copy/modify it to suit your own needs (by swapping the header and footer with your own content and replacing the sample gallery with your own).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team