Topic: HTML Underline and Caption issues


I just purchased a copy of SimpleViewer-Pro and I'm already enjoying all the customizable features.

I do have two issues though ..

1. I am using a white background/frame with black for text. However, when I'm putting in HTML code to underline, the underline color stays white even though I've assigned the text to be black. This is kinda bizarre .. I tried changing the background and frame color .. but the underline remains white even though the actual caption remains black. Is there some separate code to alter the color of an html underline? The code I'm using is correct because it's worked for other galleries I've modified with white text, black background.

2. I'm not using a title for the gallery. Is there a way I can move the caption to be above the thumbnails instead of below? The caption would replace the current position of the title.

I appreciate the help,


Re: HTML Underline and Caption issues

do a search here for location of caption. It has been posted several times. Holler if you can't find it


in order to better assist you, please provide a url, relevant code and details about your problem.