Topic: problem with resizing images and IE8

I have two problem I can't solve - something corrupted on my wp-simpleviewer galleries and I can't say if for a recent updating to wp 4.3.2 or for some plug-in testing that could have damage the simple viewer...
The problem is:
1) sw galleries don't resize anymore (ie with iPhone)
2) when I test with IE8 (XP system) and Adobe Flash player updated, The gallery is not centered:  it goes "for a half" under the content div: I'm sorry I can't send a screenshot from that old pc, the fact is: if I refresh it reach the top and the whole image and thumbnail became visible - but at the very beginning it can not totally visible ...

I give an example of page:

thankyou for answering

Re: problem with resizing images and IE8

When I view your web page on my iPod Touch, your gallery is displayed beneath your menu and is contained within the left and right bounds of the browser window (no horizontal scrolling is necessary and the size looks to be OK).
Also, when I view your web page in IE8 Browser Mode (within IE9 on Windows 7) and in an IE8 tab in IETester, your gallery is centered.

Try clearing your browsers' caches before reloading your web page as everything seems to be OK when I view your gallery.

If you continue to experience difficulties, try temporarily reverting to the default WordPress theme (Twenty Ten) to see if the gallery displays OK. If it does, then your current theme may be contributing to the problem.
You can do likewise with your plugins to see if you can find any conflicts (deactivate them all and then re-activate them one at a time, checking your gallery after re-activating each one).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team