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Hi there,

I face an issue with a WP blog on my server.
I'm using the 2.3.2 version on the plugin with the latest WP version (3.4.2). For a long time it's has worked perfectly and then all of a sudden it stopped...

The error message, for all galleries, is "No images specified in gallery XML"

The url is:

The xml looks good and references the pictures at their right place.

I've tired to go back to the preinstalled theme without any change.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: No images specified in gallery XML

WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.2 uses only the configuration options stored in the actual XML files and builds the image information dynamically at the time the gallery is displayed. This avoids the need to edit and update either the post or the gallery itself after changes are made to the images in the Media Library.

The dynamic XML file for the first gallery on your web page is a Media Library gallery but contains no images.

Check in the Media Library to make sure that you have images attached to the post that contains the gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: No images specified in gallery XML

Hi, sorry for my late reply, I've been taken away from this matter, I hope you'll continue to help me  :/

So, thanks for your answer. Indeed, there is no image attached to the xml file albeit there are pictures in the post. I've updated the last post to show it.

Besides, this statement is true for the above-linked post, but it's not true for older posts like this one: … mses-2013/

I've been through its xml file and the references to the images are well present.

Any idea?

Re: No images specified in gallery XML

When using the Media Library as a source of images for a WP-SimpleViewer gallery, the images must be present in the Media Library and attached to the post containing the gallery.
The XML files for both your galleries contain no images which implies that there are no Media Library images attached to the corresponding posts.
Check in your Media Library to make sure that these two criteria are met. Otherwise, the images will not be displayed.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: No images specified in gallery XML

But I do have images linked to the posts and present in the wordpress media library for each increminated post...

For this post: … mses-2013/

the gallery has an id=8 (could be checked in the source code) and this xml file contains image information (8.xml). See:

Re: No images specified in gallery XML

Since v2.3.2, WP-SimpleViewer generates the gallery's XML file dynamically when the gallery is viewed using only the configuration options from the actual XML file ( and up-to-date image data from the Media Library.
Galleries created with versions of WP-SimpleViewer prior to v2.3.2 will have XML files which contain image data but this image data is not actually used.
The dynamically generated XML file that your gallery uses can be viewed in a browser using this URL … llery_id=8
It contains no image data.

If you have already double-checked that there are images attached to the 'Présentation du Livre Ramses 2013' post in your Media Library, try uploading a new test image to your Media Library and attach it to the post to see if this is then displayed in your gallery.

Also, try reinstalling the plugin to ensure that all files are present and correct.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: No images specified in gallery XML

Ok, with your comment, I finally figured out where the issue comes from. As usual, it was a plugin incompatibility. For an unknown reason, the SimpleViewer plugin stops to work with the Frontpage category filter 1.0.2. I've deactivated it and found a other solution.

Thanks for the support.

Re: No images specified in gallery XML

Thank you for reporting back with the information about the Frontpage category filter v1.0.2.
It appears that there is a bug in the plugin which also prevents standard WordPress galleries from being displayed on the front page of a blog.
Please see this WordPress forum thread for other users experiencing the same issue.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team