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Topic: Load quicker

How can I make Tiltviewer load quicker? If I make the photos smaller they will be zoomed in smaller too.

Re: Load quicker

Reducing the file size of the images in your galleries would significantly speed up the initial loading of your galleries as the user's browser would not have to pre-load and cache as much data.
The images in your first gallery are approximately 1024px x 768px and 700KB each.
I would recommend keeping the current resolution of your images (so that they appear exactly the same size as your current images in your galleries) but reducing the JPEG percentage quality setting (in whatever program you use to resize your images) to approximately 80%.
This will result in images which have much smaller file sizes (ideally between 100KB and 200KB each) but are still of high enough quality for a web gallery.
No matter what resolution the images in your gallery are, the maxJPGSize configuration option should be set accordingly in order for TiltViewer to display your images with an optimal layout.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team