Topic: iWeb '08 version 2.0.4 HTML snippet

As I've seen reading through this forum looking for my answer, not too many people know iWeb too well, so trying to find a specific answer to what I have been looking for is becoming difficult.

I have downloaded the SimpleViewer application from the SimpleViewer website. After that I made my gallery and saved the SimpleViewer folder to my desktop. In iWeb i followed the ( … dding.html) embedding with iWeb instructions... this is where I am running into a problem... specifically with step 4 (In the HTM Snippet popup window, paste the following code. Switch the src URL to point to the gallery folder you uploaded in step 2.)

What I am wondering, is where do I find the new URL to replace the src URL.? I have uploaded the SimpleViewer folder from my desktop to my FTP (filezilla) where I see the Local Site    /Users/stevievisser/Desktop/SimpleViewer/   . I have tried pasting that, to replace the src URL and no such luck i am just getting a 404 not found image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I hope this information makes sense.


Re: iWeb '08 version 2.0.4 HTML snippet

When you upload a file to your web server, you will likely be uploading it to a folder named 'public_html' or 'htdocs'. This folder represents the root of your domain.
For example, if your domain name is and you upload a file named 'page.html' directly into your 'public_html' folder, then the URL to this file would be
Therefore, if you upload your entire gallery folder named 'gallery' directly into your 'public_html' folder, then the URL you would use in the iframe would be

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team