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Hello, this is Ramón.

When i activate the plugin, i can't resize my web with android browser, and some jquery plugins doesn't work properly(slideshow), and for example wp-touch.(now is desactivated, because menu options doesn't work)
I don't know what is happening, i hope you could help me.
My web is

thank you !!

Re: Problem with plugin and android browser

First of all, please make sure that you are using the most recent version of WP-SimpleViewer (v2.3.2) which can be downloaded from this web page.

When i activate the plugin, i can't resize my web with android browser

I do not have an Android device on which to test your website but I have viewed your web page (with WP-SimpleViewer activated) in Mobile Safari on my iPod Touch and I am able to resize the web page by pinch-zooming OK.

and some jquery plugins doesn't work properly(slideshow)

If you find that there is a possible conflict between WP-SimpleViewer and another plugin, please state what the plugin is, what the problem is and how I can replicate it.

and for example wp-touch

I have just installed and activated WPtouch and viewed a gallery generated by WP-SimpleViewer on my iPod Touch.
The gallery displays fine within the confines of the new WPtouch layout.
Please let me know exactly what happens when you use WPtouch yourself. (You have currently disabled WPtouch and there is no SimpleViewer gallery on your web page.) If the problem you are experiencing with WPtouch is that you cannot resize content, please note that WPtouch does not 'Allow zooming on content' by default. This must be enabled in the 'Settings -> WPtouch -> Advanced Options' section.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: Problem with plugin and android browser

Good morning, thank you for your answers.

I'm sure of using the most recent version. 2.3.2
The problems i was experiencing were in the home page too, altought there wasn't any gallery there. The slideshow is the one at the home page.(normal /pc view)

I have done more test about wp-touch problem and i have found is not  due to simpleviewer!

So, im going to activate the wp-touch and we could forget the resize problem when i activate simpleviewer(That problem occurs when you see the normal/pc view in some android mobiles).  Then i'm going to investigate at wp-touch forums,why i can't use menu button, search and on/off button  recently..


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