Topic: Should I customize the xml?

I have checked my databases and found that I several times over come the 50 photos per day.

Is it necessary to adapt the current xml after the acquisition of SV-Pro or can I continue to use this xml and later add the extra features?

Re: Should I customize the xml?

You can use the same XML file with both SimpleViewer-Standard (the free version with the 50-image limit per gallery) and SimpleViewer-Pro.
If your XML file lists more than 50 images and you use SimpleViewer-Standard, only the first 50 images will be displayed. If you use SimpleViewer-Pro, all the images will be displayed.
Also, if your XML file contains Pro options, they will be ignored by SimpleViewer-Standard but used by SimpleViewer-Pro.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Should I customize the xml?

Thank you!