Topic: Question about showing a SWF (video) instead of a picture.

Hello there,

I am trying to show a SWF instead of a picture. So far so good.

I just have one problem that I can not solve:
The SWF is only loaded, if you click on the thumbnail of the picture left to the movie thumbnail. And then click on the movie thumbnail.
If you do anything else, the SWF is not loaded at all. What can I do?

Here is the testlink:

My image preloading is set to "NEXT".


BTW: What I've learned so far...

#1: In Flash, you have to have a simple rectangle across your whole stage. This is needed to show Simpleviewer the correct size (width x height) of your SWF. Else it will be cropped.

#2: Buttons inside the SWF do not work, because the Simpleviewer puts a large invisible button over the SWF. Thats why I used keys to control the video.

#3: Your SWF can not link to a .flv-file. You have to embed your video into the timeline.

Re: Question about showing a SWF (video) instead of a picture.

One more thing: When I set "imagePreloading" to "PAGE", then the movie is always shown. No matter how you click.
But this creates two other problems: First, it generates a lot of traffic. The video will be loaded, no matter if someone wants to see it, or not. And secondly, the movie continues to play if the user clicks on another image (you can still hear the sound).

Any flash pro's in here?  ;)


Re: Question about showing a SWF (video) instead of a picture.

Please see this FAQ:
Will SimpleViewer load things other than images?

SimpleViewer is essentially an image viewer and, as you have discovered, even if the SWF file that you include in the gallery is simply a video and does not use ActionScripting, starting and stopping the video is an issue.
It is recommended to use SimpleViewer only for images.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team