Topic: Only show 50 images from Flickr Set

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Good day.

I am using WP-SimpleViewer plugin at my Wordpress site. I have purchased SimpleViewer Pro version and follow the instruction [ … iewer/#pro] upgrade the plugin to pro version. But I found that it only show 50 photos from my Flickr's set.

My site information as below:
URL: (only show 50 photos)
Flickr set: … 604190147/ (60 photos)
WP-SimpleViewer plugin: 2.3.2
SimpleViewer Pro: 2.3.1

Please help.

Thank you smile

Alex Lim

Re: Only show 50 images from Flickr Set

Please set flickrImageCount="60" in the WP-SimpleViewer Pro Options text area for your gallery.
The default value for this option is 50.
For reference, a full list of 'Flickr Options' can be found here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Only show 50 images from Flickr Set

Hi Steven, Tested on. Thanks for help.

Alex Lim