Topic: Can't see gallery from my iPhone

I am considering going with Simpleviewer. The point is that I really want the iPhone capability. I see all over the website that it DOES work but when I browse through the example galleries (like … es/modern/ ), the page loads... empty. White page. Nothing. It is true for all the galleries I try to see from my iPhone 4S on iOS6. Note that these pages show nicely on my Macbook (better in Safari then Firefox).

Is there anything obvious I am missing?
Thanks for your help

Re: Can't see gallery from my iPhone

OK, sorry about that. I will answer to myself. The issue is NOT with the iPhone. The issue is with the 3G network used by the iPhone. It works perfectly over Wifi on iPhone. But still this is a big issue to me... … trouble_15

Re: Can't see gallery from my iPhone

Please see this forum post by tomzinho who has had success in turning off content modification.
For further support on if and how this can be achieved with your own connection, please contact your internet provider.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Can't see gallery from my iPhone

Thanks for this info. I have posted a reply on this topic to try to dig into it. But I am still not sure it is doable.