Topic: Fasthosts Upload Simpleviewer Messing Up Site

Hello. I use Fasthosts for my FTP. I use Adobe Muse for my site builder. Fasthosts asks me to upload to the htdocs folder. There is am index.html file already there which is created by Adobe Muse. I use Filezilla to move the Simpleviewer file onto my FTP htdocs folder and am asked if I want to replace my index.html file. My site ( is now showing errors. Am I uploading correctly? And, if not, where should I be saving the Simpleviewer files? I need it to be a simple process as i need other (inexperienced) users to update things. I'm not that experienced myself either



Re: Fasthosts Upload Simpleviewer Messing Up Site

If you are following the embedding instructions here and copying the contents of your gallery folder into a directory on your web server, then you will need to make sure that there are no files already in that directory with the same filename as any of your gallery files (such as 'index.html' file in your case).
If you are embedding the gallery in a web page alongside other content, then the gallery's own 'index.html' file is not required (it is used to display the gallery on its own web page) and you do not need to upload this file at all (though you could also safely rename it if you like).

Alternatively, you could keep your gallery folder as a self-contained entity and upload your entire gallery folder (not just the contents) to your web server and use the baseURL method of embedding as documented here.
As all the gallery files are contained in a folder, there will be no need to rename or move any gallery files and no chance of any conflicting filenames.

The Embedding with Adobe Muse instructions recommend using the baseURL method to avoid such conflicts.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team