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Topic: Multiple Galleries - Unwanted space below Footer

I'm starting off with the template files for Multiple Galleries, with one gallery per page.

Can someone help me figure out what I need to do to remove the extra unused space below the footer band at the bottom of the page?

Here is the page:  http://www.nondairycreamer.com/x_test/

I don't think I changed anything with any of the template files, except you'll see that I did put one of my own galleries in place of the generic gallery #1.  Even when I use the unadulterated files and code, I still have that extra space.

Strangely, you will NOT see the extra space below the footer when you click on either of the gallery links.
The gallery fills the page space:

http://www.nondairycreamer.com/x_test/g … index.html
or http://www.nondairycreamer.com/x_test/g … index.html

Granted, I changed some colors and fonts on the stylesheet, but I didn't change anything else.
and granted, I did move some files around to different levels within the folder hierarchy.  But again, I do have the same problem when I use the template files that came from SimpleViewer.

I've looked at the DIV code and the CSS files and I'm not sure what the culprit might be.

If your monitor isn't tall enough to view this extra space, here are two screenshots indicating the result:
and http://www.nondairycreamer.com/x_test/n … -space.jpg


Re: Multiple Galleries - Unwanted space below Footer

On the page in which you have space below your footer (http://www.nondairycreamer.com/x_test/index.html), you have a header of fixed height 20px, a gallery of fixed height 600px and a footer of fixed height 20px. In a browser window with a height greater than 640px, your elements will be displayed at their corresponding heights and there will be space left over (below the footer).
Try using one of your gallery index pages (e.g. http://www.nondairycreamer.com/x_test/g … index.html which has a resizeable gallery) as a template for your http://www.nondairycreamer.com/x_test/index.html page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Multiple Galleries - Unwanted space below Footer


You pointed me in the right direction.

I think I have it sorted out.

There were different folders of example files and I found the files that worked for me.
The files that worked for me were those in the folder "vertical-template".
The files in the folder "multiple_galleries" were giving me the issue I described, where the galleries were not sizing to fill the page.
I was mixing and matching in different folders and now things are consistent.

Thanks again!

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Re: Multiple Galleries - Unwanted space below Footer

An update:

I was able to make progress on the page structure and complete my new website, and I'm grateful for SimpleViewer for making this possible.

I started with the vertical template that you provided, and added an additional <DIV> for a pull-down menu that enables a user to select from a list of possible image galleries.  Because I had numerous image galleries, it wasn't possible to have just a couple of links in the header section.

It took me about two weeks to put this together, figuring out a number of things, including how to center contents (well, not exactly) within the central <DIV> section, and how to specify the styles for various elements, but it has finally come together.
I'm sharing this link so you can see the latest incarnation of the site:  http://www.nondairycreamer.com/


Mr. Pooh