Topic: Gallery overlaps next blog post

I recently bought the pro version, and it is great, thanks!

I have a problem where a gallery in a blog post overlaps the top of the previous post. See the gallery at the end of the post on Panama at The problem does not appear on my tablet which does not have Flash, but disabling Flash did not solve the problem for the desktop. Another post suggested changing the transparency, but that didn't work either. I'd appreciate any help on this.

Re: Gallery overlaps next blog post

I have viewed your gallery in several browsers (IE9, Firefox 18.0.1, Chrome 24, Safari 5.1.7) on my PC and the problem occurs in all browsers except Firefox 18.0.1.

The W3C Markup Validation Service reports that there are many HTML errors on your page.
If the code on your web page were to validate correctly, your web page would likely be rendered with greater predictability and consistency across different browsers. However, trying to fix HTML errors in a WordPress environment may prove to be difficult.

Your current WordPress theme does not seem to respect the height of the SimpleViewer gallery.
Check in your WordPress theme's settings to see if there is a maximum height for an entry which can be changed.
Otherwise, try reducing the height of your SimpleViewer gallery or changing your WordPress theme to see if this makes a difference.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Gallery overlaps next blog post

Thanks for your help! Since solving this seems somewhat involved, for now I´ve simply changed the number of blog posts that appear on the main page to one and that kind of solves the problem.