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Probably it's a very basic question, but I want to avoid the first click in the SV gallery to activate the flash object. I have a page with multiple galleries, and when I load each one, I have to click once to activate flash object and then click again to select one thumbnail. It's possible to avoid this firs click? It's a question of windows and I have nothing to do with it?

this is my web:


Re: Avoid click to activate flash object

Don't worry, it's solved!

Found this searching the web:

To fix the problem, please follow these steps:
1) Just below the last <object> in your HTML page, insert the following Javascript:
<script type="text/javascript" src="ieupdate.js"></script>
2) Add a small .js file to your website directory. You can download the zipped .js file here
If you are curious what the content of the .js file is click here
3) Save this file as ieupdate.js to the root of your website (or where you save your html pages)
4) Upload both files to your webserver, and the problem should be solved.

from this page (with the ieupdate.js original link) :

Re: Avoid click to activate flash object

Or check the FAQ, Q2: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Avoid click to activate flash object

I saw the FAQ, but, I've downloaded the last simpleviewer pro 1.8 four days ago, tweaked a bit the fla file, re-publish the swf file, and the flash activation click was still needed, so I tried with this small javascript and my problem was solved