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I have Flash 8,0,22,0 (I downloaded it, and verified it on Adobe's Flash detector). I've downloaded the latest Simpleviewer (a few times now), yet each time I double click "viewer.swf" in the folder, it opens my Illustrator CS2 application, along with this error message: "The file 'viewer.swf' is in an unknown format and cannot be opened." This suggests a Flash problem to me, but I'm stumped. I've done what you suggest in the FAQs, and can't find anything like this problem in the present forum. My Flashplayer works fine when I view the default "index.html" in the folder. Any advice? If this turns out to be terribly obvious, please have mercy on the tyro...

Re: Viewer won't open

If you are trying to view your gallery locally, open 'index.html' in a browser. Yo don't need to open the swf directly.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Viewer won't open

If you are trying to edit the swf, open simpleviewer.fla

You can associate all swf to open with the flashplayer by right clicking and "open with...
the select player


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