Topic: Moving next and back buttons like SV1.7

I know this has been discussed in a number of posts but I'm trying to simply have the left and right arrows move from the center of the image to the bottom.  I want it to appear like in SV1.7 and older..... I have tried the code that was listed on other pages such as:

/////////////////////////resize as needed with math of image *changed* ///button width =54
mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx -fw + btnW,imgy + h + btnW );
mBackBtn.setHitPosn(imgx - fw - btnW,imgy +h + btnW/2);
mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w - btnW,imgy + h + btnW );
mNextBtn.setHitPosn(imgx + fw + w*2/3 +btnW,imgy + h + btnW/2 );


The pages that I have looked at are: … highlight=
and … php?t=1204

I tried swapping the code that is above with the same lines of code in the source file and when I do it just loops the preloader.  I am not a flash guru but I was hoping this would not be so complicated....  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Email is

Thanks, John

Re: Moving next and back buttons like SV1.7

If the preloader is looping that means you have an error with the code edit. Did you look at the output text to see what the error is?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Moving next and back buttons like SV1.7

I ended up manually changing the original code around line 209....  to fix my problem....  I have not had time to test it thoroughly though.  I'll post my results if it continues working properly.