Topic: Doesn't work

I've tried a lot of times now but gave up.
I use the php kind and uploaded and set the files to read and execute.

But that's not all. When I run the buildgallery.php it makes thumbnails of my pics and list them on the same page and they end up ok in the correct folder, but then when I run the index.html it isn't showing my images at all. Only empty thumbnails.

What did I miss?

Re: Doesn't work

Sorry. It works now.

Since it was my first try I didn't know what it would look like when running the buildgallery.php

It seems like one of my pics was too large and it stopped right there. I thought it was all. But when I took it away I saw that the xml file wrote that it was successful after creating all thumbs.

So after removing that large picture it gave me a success message at the bottom and now it works fine.