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Topic: Poor image quality

I have read through all the documentation etc and no matter what I get very poor image quality, so poor I think I am going to have to use photoshop to resize and stop simple viewer from doing it. Does anyone have any tips? Ive tried altering image quality, resizing, smoothing etc, but nothing seems to work.

In photoshop I can take 5000px wide image, downsize it to 1500 and save for web with 50% compression, get a far better image with no banding and good sharpness, and have smaller file sizes than simple viewer produces. Using PS seems like a lot of extra work for something that sv pro should be able to do. Anyone any ideas?

I have now just discovered that colours are being seriously desaturated in skin tones.

Re: Poor image quality

svBuilder-Pro has variables to change the dimensions and quality (%) of the resized images (but not the resizing algorithm used) in the 'Image Size' control panel on the 'Images' tab.
SimpleViewer-Pro also has the imageSmoothing configuration option. The default value of this configuration option is 'TRUE' but you might like to try setting it to 'FALSE'.
You could also set Adobe Flash Player's quality setting to 'best' by using the 'quality' Flash parameter as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="svcore/js/simpleviewer.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var params={};
simpleviewer.ready(function () {
    simpleviewer.load('sv-container', '100%', '100%', '222222', true, null, params);
<div id="sv-container"></div>

I have now just discovered that colours are being seriously desaturated in skin tones.

Please see the following FAQs regarding SimpleViewer-Pro and color which should hopefully help with your problem.
Why do my image colors look faded when viewed in SimpleViewer?
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Please also see the Color Profile Support section here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team