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I have used SV successfully for album creation but it can get tedious having to create and upload new albums each time I want a change. I am currently looking at building a more dynamic portfolio site which will display pages in exactly the same way SV does, but rather than being a static flash album I would like it to be a dynamic (flash?) album.

I have (say) images which can be categorised in all of 'Industrial', 'Engineering' and 'People'. It doesn't make sense to have 3 versions of the same photograph in 3 different albums when 1 image with the appropriate Tags 'Industrial', 'Engineering' and 'People' would provide the source for the appropriate albums. A 'search' for images of the type 'Industrial', 'Engineering' and 'People' would obviously result in the said image and it being displayed.

How do I do it?

Is SV capable of this, will it be capable of this ever, or can you suggest an alternative solution?

An adapted version of SV exists here:

Re: server side album creation

Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this would be to upload your images to a Flickr account and to tag your images with appropriate keywords.
You could then allow users to input a search term (or to choose one from a drop-down menu) and feed the search term to SimpleViewer via the flickrTags configuration option.
Please see this forum post for an example of how this could be achieved.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: server side album creation

OK. Thats neat.

What if... I didn't want to use Flickr and I instead loaded up Wordpress on the same PHP server as SV.. and then loaded and tagged the images there. Can I access the images and tags the same way as the Flickr way without relying on the availability and open public access of Flickr?

This might be interesting..

And then.. could I utilise the descriptions and Titles created in Wordpress to increase the SEO of the SV pages by WP creating a SEO page per image from which I could add a link to the main site index page of the SV site?

I suppose all thats happening there is that I would be using the database provision by WP with the visual appearance of SV.

Is that possible?

Re: server side album creation

It might be possible to search WordPress Media Library images through their titles and descriptions and to display only certain images in a SimpleViewer gallery but it would likely be a complex and time-consuming project which would require knowledge of the WordPress API and PHP.

With regard to SEO and SimpleViewer, the best solution available to increase the SEO of a SimpleViewer gallery is to implement this SEO script.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team