Topic: Galleries are not displaying properly

All previously galleries That were created with Porta & Simpleviewer are not displaying properly. Can some tell what my have happened and how to fix this problem?


Re: Galleries are not displaying properly

What do you mean? I see all the galleries that have a link (underline) just fine...there are some I can't click on..(no underlining, so no link to..)

Re: Galleries are not displaying properly

When you click on the ones that have working links. Is the Gallery loading in the familiar Simpleviewer look? Well for me Using a Firefox and Safari. They are not displaying the way it should. It more like a light table view, with a row of thumbnails down the left side and lager image to the right.

Re: Galleries are not displaying properly

Still not displaying properly. Here is a screenshot of FireFox 2.0 on my Macbook pro OSX 10.4.9

Any suggestions for a fix?

Re: Galleries are not displaying properly

Hi jrphoto

Yep: try to change in your source-code the following:

<frameset cols="85,*" framespacing=0 frameborder=0 border=0>

in to:

<frameset cols="125,*" framespacing=0 frameborder=0 border=0>

This way you make the frame on the left of your page larger to show the little images. (you can try it with 125 or less or higher until it's okay for you)

In your page: small.html you can add the next code:
cellpadding="4", or more or less, try it out, this will set the space between your picture and the margin of your page (this is if you use a table with the code <td> or <table> in the page small.html) so that it will look better on the site.