Topic: Display on mobile not working correctly

New and in-experienced user so please go easy with me!
Just testing my gallery: … J-preview/
Which works great in Flash on my MacBook, but on my iPhone and on HTC (Android) the initial thumbnails display, click on one and a bigger pic displays but then.... the left and right button don't work, no swipe to change to next pic, full screen button just sticks on spinning square icon??

Any ideas / solutions greatly appreciated.


Re: Display on mobile not working correctly

There could be an (invisible) element on your web page which is obscuring the gallery controls.
Check the CSS on your web page (with the help of your chosen browser's developer tools) to ensure that there are no elements which might be overlapping the gallery.
If there are and they have been assigned high 'z-index' values, then try reducing their 'z-index' values to ensure that they are not stacked on top of the gallery.
Your web page loads up to 25 external CSS style sheets (depending on the user's browser) so it is quite a lot to look through but just open each one individually and search for 'z-index'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team