Topic: Problem inside krpano

Sample of the tour:
link to the tour xml:

To bring up the menu click to the any menu on the table.

I try to load gallery form querry string:

set(plugin[menurest].url, %SWFPATH%/viewer.swf?galleryURL=menu/menu.xml);

and viewer trying to load gallery.xml in the root of the tour and returnes me gallery XML not found. Why flashvars don't pass to the viewer.swf?

Re: Problem inside krpano

Flash FireBug traces:

[SV] SimpleViewer PRO V2.3.1
[SV] Invalid Option: xml
[SV] Invalid Option: browser.useragent
[SV] Gallery XML Not Found: gallery.xml

I was trying to load viewer from as3 movia with the code, that descried here: … dding.html

the problem still occure.

Re: Problem inside krpano

Why flashvars don't pass to the viewer.swf?

Perhaps the flashvar is being passed to the SWF file but the relative path is incorrect.
Try using an absolute galleryURL, e.g.:

set(plugin[menurest].url, %SWFPATH%/viewer.swf?galleryURL=;

... or use the default values of having your XML file named 'gallery.xml' and located in your gallery folder (and you should have no need to use the galleryURL configuration option).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Problem inside krpano

Problem isn't in the path, because in XML there is menu.xml - but viewer still searching gallery.xml! It means that variable not passing to the viewer.swf
And i change path to the absolute. Not working! And i need to change different xml's dynamicly in tour! It's th ebase thing that i need from SimpleViewer Pro.

Re: Problem inside krpano

On further investigation, I seemed to remember something about SimpleViewer and KRPano and found these threads: … p?id=17368 … mple+klaus

It looks like KRPano does not work with SimpleViewer-Pro v2. If you need a copy of SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9, please send an email to with your SimpleViewer-Pro v2 purchase details and we will provide you with a copy of SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team