Topic: no way to open again, no way to reinstall

Hello hello
I bought 2 days ago this nice soft.   I used it properly  yesterday.
this morning I wanted to launch it  no way  nothing happened then, I erased it and I wanted to reinstall it from svbuilder-Pro.air   
But nothing is happening too      nothing is opening
i repaired autorisations,   I restarted my Imac (3.06ghz intel core duo -OS 10.8.3)
I re download the zip file again.. and resume again   

NOTHING   NOWAY TO install   NOway  to use it.... 

Please can you help  I bought it yesthe day before yesterday it is to use it...

Re: no way to open again, no way to reinstall

Please see the Installation Issues section of the svBuilder-Pro User Guide to see if any of the suggestions help.

If you continue to experience difficulties, try uninstalling and reinstalling svBuilder-Pro from scratch.
Before trying to reinstall svBuilder-Pro, completely uninstall any previous version and empty your trash afterwards. Also, make sure that you do not have any version of svBuilder-Pro on an external drive connected to your computer when trying to reinstall the application.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team