Topic: Inset frame bevel for image

Is it possible to set a frameColor to multiple colors?   

So that the frame around the picture looks like the image is embossed -
- hence 4 colors  darkest on top, 2nd darkest on a side, 2nd lightest on the other side and lightest on the bottom. 

This so to look like a matting frames' bevel around the image.  ( or at the least to look like this message field, dark on two sides (top and 1 side) - and none on the other 2?)


Re: Inset frame bevel for image

This is not possible within SimpleViewer-Pro itself.
You would need to add such a frame as part of the images themselves in an image manipulation program such as Adobe Photoshop before feeding the images to SimpleViewer-Pro.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Inset frame bevel for image

thanks Steven,

actually, the dropshadow might work if I could rotate it 90* , (or mirror vertical)
So that it was along the top/side instead of the bottom /side

instead of floating the image, it would embed the image
I'll see what I mightdo there