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I download the latest free SVbuilder and try to organize a Flickr gallery. I carefully read the FAQ. You wrote the slidewhow will load the gallery in the download date order but… it doesn't work. I tried every possibilities and (it is funny and slightly disturbing  :P ) it seems to be in a random order. Even if i don't change anything in Flickr, the order is different every time i load the slideshow in SVbuilder. I tried to change by "taken date", by "download date" and it's still random. Is there anything i missed ?? Is there a random option on somewhere ?
Thank's a lot

Re: Flickr

Is there a random option on somewhere ?

Make sure you have not set randomizeImages="TRUE" in your gallery's XML file.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please post the URL to your gallery so that I can take a look.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team