Topic: Update Trigger

Today I updated from 3.4.1 wp to 3.5.1 and I upgraded the SV v2 2.3.0. to I have a pro account.

That caused the galleries to not show. I tested things by disabling the other plugins and that wasn't the issue.

I couldn't figure out exactly what to change to stay updated and get them back so I reverted to my backup that I made prior to the upgrades.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should even upgrade WP to 3.5.1; although I know I need to for security purposes.

The site is

Can you please guide me how I can get WP updated as well as the plugin and have everything working?

Thank you,


Re: Update Trigger

WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.2.1 is fully compatible with WordPress v3.5.1 and upgrading both WP-SimpleViewer and WordPress should not cause your galleries to fail.

That caused the galleries to not show.

Did you see a blank area where the gallery should be or an error message? If so, what was the error message?
Also, did you try creating a new gallery with WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.2.1 (under WordPress v3.5.1) and did it display OK (unlike the galleries you created with WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.0?
Did you upgrade both WP-SimpleViewer and WordPress at the same time or did you upgrade one and check your galleries before upgrading the other?
Unfortunately, at the moment,  I do not know what might be causing your problem (though the more information I have, the better, hence the questions above) and I would really need to see the problem on your web server to investigate further.
If I was able to see a non-functioning gallery, I should hopefully be able to determine why it does not work.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team