Topic: SV won't show pics in Chrome

My SV galleries work correct in Firefox and IE, but in Chrome instead of some of pics stands sign "x".
Example: … index.html
What should I do to fix it?
Thnx :)

Re: SV won't show pics in Chrome

The images which do not display have non-standard alpha-numeric characters in them (such as 'Čitač pored prozora.jpg').
As the image filenames form part of a URL when uploaded to a web server, it would be wise to use only web-safe characters.
Please see section 2.3 of this document for details:

Characters that are allowed in a URI but do not have a reserved purpose are called unreserved. These include uppercase and lowercase letters, decimal digits, hyphen, period, underscore, and tilde.

Try renaming your images using only alpha-numeric characters and this should resolve the problem.

If you want text with extended characters to be displayed in the gallery as captions for your images, you can enter such text for each image in the 'Title' text fields in jAlbum's 'Edit' mode (on the 'General' tab at the bottom right corner of the main window).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team