Topic: Stage position and dimensions

when I create my gallery with sv builder, the preview on my pc is ok..but..but when I publish it on the web all change.

This is my gallery :

As you see the background is ok and resaiziable but the stage is too big and in wrong position. In my preview all is ok. The background image inserted with sv builder.

some solutions????


Re: Stage position and dimensions

Your gallery uses a Fixed Layout and you have set the top left corner of the image area to be 470px from the left edge of the stage and 25px from the top of the stage (by setting imageAreaX="470" and imageAreaY="25").
Change these values if you want your main image to be displayed in a different position within your gallery.

The size of the image area is determined by the imageAreaWidth and imageAreaHeight configuration options which you have currently set to 1024 and 768 respectively. If you want your images to be displayed smaller, then reduce these values.

If you want a gallery whose main images dynamically resize with the size of the user's browser window, then this cannot be achieved with a Fixed Layout.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Stage position and dimensions

Thanks Steven! ;)

I'll try and send you a feedback! ;)