Topic: show open in new window button

Anyone know if its possible to place a open in new window button on just one image of the gallery?

For instance in my gallery i have 10 images but i want to put the open in new window on three of them so it will go to another site.

Is this possible?

Re: show open in new window button

The 'Open Image' button is a global option which will be present in the Button Bar for all images (or none at all).

However, you could perhaps achieve something similar by using one of the following suggestions.

You could set imageClickMode="OPEN_URL" and set a corresponding linkURL (which would be opened when the user clicks the main image) for each of your three images. For the other images in the gallery, you could leave their linkURLs empty (and SimpleViewer would just open the image itself in a new window when the user click on the image).

Otherwise, you could use the SimpleViewer-Pro API (specifically the svImageChange event and the getImageIndex() method) to check what image is currently being displayed and if it is one of the three, you could then display a link on your web page using JavaScript.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team