Topic: Slideshow not working


I want to get the simpleviewer plugin working in the 3cliks template.

The slideshow is not working, i just have the photos showing. Any idea why? this must be a conflict with the template?

I have the 3.5 version of WP and your latest version of the plugin.

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Re: Slideshow not working

The slideshow is not working,

Your SimpleViewer gallery is working (to the right of the two large images on your web page).

i just have the photos showing.

It is possible that whilst adding images to your gallery, you may have clicked the 'Insert into post' button.
After uploading images via the 'Add Media' module, just close the media window using the cross at the top right (do not click the 'Insert into post' button). All images attached to the post will be displayed in the gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team