Topic: not all images showing in pro gallery

I have a pro gallery installed using Flickr as the image source. I have 79 images and only 50 are showing. I have the "Flickr Image Count" set to 500 in the svBuilder-Pro form.

Here is the link to my gallery

Re: not all images showing in pro gallery

The URL you provided does not seem to be valid.

Here are a few things to check.

  • Make sure that your gallery is SimpleViewer-Pro (and not SimpleViewer-Standard). If the gallery is SimpleViewer-Pro, there should not be a SimpleViewer badge/link at the bottom right corner of the gallery.

  • Make sure that the flickrImageCount="500" entry is in the gallery's XML file. Open the 'gallery.xml' file in a plain text editor to check this.

  • Make sure that all your Flickr images are public (not private).

  • If you have tagged any of your Flickr images, it make take a while (up to a few days) for the tags to propagate fully through Flickr's system and for the images to show up in API searches (such as that performed by SimpleViewer-Pro to fetch the images from Flickr's servers).

  • Try clearing your browser's cache before reloading the gallery to ensure that your browser is not hanging onto and using an older version of your gallery's XML file.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team