Topic: .swf movie clip stop

I have a small gallery with 4 thumbnails.

One thumbnail is a .swf movie clip that has audio.

I can click on that thumbnail and my swf movie plays fine, but when I click on another thumbnail, I can still hear the audio playing from my swf movie.

After looking at the code ( I noticed that:

    function fadeOutDone(){
        mClip_mc._visible = false;
        mFadeTween.onMotionFinished = null;

mClip_mc is just being set to invisible, so that swf movie is still there, you just can't see it, but you can hear it.

Is there a way to stop/pause that one movieclip?

I could .unload or .remove but then it's gone forever.

Any ideas/hints!  :<

Re: .swf movie clip stop

only a hint :)

something like

function fadeOutDone(){
mClip_mc._visible = false;
mFadeTween.onMotionFinished = null;

then "play" on fadeIN

this is just a hint , not tested, see flash help files , post back if you need more help/


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