Topic: buildgallery failure message

hello, i would like to add some pictures to my galerie, so i loaded them up and then started buildgallery.php
but now there's the following message:

"Warning: fopen(gallery.xml): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/mondamo/domains/ on line 115

Cannot open XML document: gallery.xml

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/mondamo/domains/ on line 122"

and when i go to index.html the new pix aren't added : (

when i go to buildgallery.php on these lines there is written down:

"if (!$file_handle = fopen($file,"w")) {
    print "<br>Cannot open XML document: $file<br>";
}  elseif (!fwrite($file_handle, $xml)) {
    print "<br>Cannot write to XML document: $file<br>";   
    print "<br>Successfully created XML document: $file<br>";   
fclose($file_handle);  "

what shall i do know?

ps: my gallery you can view here:

thx for answers!

Re: buildgallery failure message

ck the permissions for the xml file on your server, chmod

post back if that does solve the problem

( chilling pics , good work)


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