Topic: All the Gals - SimpleViewer, PostcardViewer and AutoViewer

after almost 48 hours of nightmares, coffees, severals headeaches, and more stuff...
finally get working ALL the 3 components, for my web pages
(the page is in spanish, and rescue all the independent arts, literature, music, images, pictures, etc..etc)

with a little help of my good friend, the .htaccess file of Apache, create a way to simple implement the galleries

Here is a little explanation of the process..

The nightmare
If you use the viewer, you know you have differents file for the XML
And only in SimpleViewer you can change it...

The Coffee
Well, after a very very deep thinking, i remember the .htaccess

For the people that don't know the .htaccess, is a configuration file for Apache (a Web Server) so in this file you can change some configuration, make redirections and "virtual files" (so you can see a directory, but call to other file, or add parameters, etc..etc)

So, with a PHP i take the ID of the gallery, and then generate a XML for the especific gallery
(sorry, i cant explain longer, but i'm on work, and have to go to the street right now, in the night i will put more details)

The Show Off
Here you can see the examples
(i implement a nano version for the gallery to load de thumbnails instead of the full version of the file)
[i know, i know, nano.. iPod ... puff... but in the late night (almost 2AM, and wake up at 8AM) your brain play tricks on you]



PostcardViewer nano


AutoViewer nano

Well... in the night i put more datils to get this thing working...
I hope you like this implementations.

PD: From 26-05-2006 to 28-05-2006, the sample don't (and in the future) work OK

Re: All the Gals - SimpleViewer, PostcardViewer and AutoViewer

Nice work ppriede!!

keep it up!


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