Topic: loading into swf movie

Hi, I'm trying to load the AutoViewer gallery into another swf movie.. and this does not play, it stop on the first frame where i can see: "loading autoviewer" ... please, one solution?

Thx 4 all!

P.D.: Sorry for my english languaje ;)

Re: loading into swf movie

work it! i change the path :)

Re: loading into swf movie

coud you tell me how you did it please?
I'm having the same problem...


Re: loading into swf movie

hi, I'm having the same problem. I'd like to load Viewer.swf from within another flash movie (which is my main web site) and it get stuck at "loading autoviewer"...

I need to load four galleries (autoviewer) from a main (flash) menu.

someone HELPS???????


Re: loading into swf movie

Also having the same problem!
It loads on _root level, but doesn't load in another MC.