Topic: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder interface

Newbie here.  Forgive the dumb question. 
I've been using this web page builder for the last year or so and decided to upgrade to the Pro version of simpleviewer.  I'm trying to figure out the integration of the Pro version into Quick 'n Easy Web Builder.  Anyone experienced with this program?  They call the simpleviewer a extension.  I guess that's what's confusing me.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder interface

You can download the SimpleViewer extension for Quick 'n Easy Web Builder from this web page. Click on 'Galleries' in the side menu, scroll down to 'SimpleViewer' and click on 'More info'.

Instructions for upgrading the extension to SimpleViewer-Pro can be found in the 'simpleviewer.pdf' file within the extension's files:

How to use the pro version of Simple Viewer?
1. Click the ‘Pro Version’ button
2. Select the simpleviewer.swf file from the SimpleViewer Pro distribution
3. The next time you publish the page, the extension will use this version of the
viewer instead of the free version. And you will notice that the
download/promo link is no longer visible.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team