Topic: Simpleviewer Mobile Image Click Mode URL not working???


I use simplerviewer as the intro slideshow on my website, but the mobile version on my phone does not allow users to click on the image and be redirected to the attached URL (basically the second index).  I don't want people being "stuck" in the slideshow on their mobile devices.  The site is:

Does anyone know how to enable image click mode on mobile devices???

Thank you!

Jamie Lucas

Re: Simpleviewer Mobile Image Click Mode URL not working???

The Mobile Player within SimpleViewer supports fewer configuration options than the Flash Player and does not support imageClickMode. (The configuration options supported by the Mobile Player can be found here.)

It might be possible to implement it manually using the SimpleViewer-Pro API to fetch the image's linkURL (using the getImageInfo() method when each new image is displayed and the svImageChange event is fired) and then using JavaScript to dynamically turn the displayed image into a link but this may be complex to achieve and may interfere with the swipe gesture used for navigation between images.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team