Topic: [SOLVED] error on first attempt

First attempt  .. worked in setup but not on the page. error message
line  64
Char 19
Error Syntax error
Code 0

Line 64 reads simpleviewer.load("sv-container&quote;, "75", "75",&quote;transparent",true);

This was copied from a working example. Any help?


Re: [SOLVED] error on first attempt

It looks like whatever editor you are using to copy and paste your gallery's embedding code has escaped certain characters (for example " being translated to ").
Make sure that you enter your embedding code in raw HTML or plain text mode (rather than in WYSIWYG or visual mode) so that the embedding code you enter is not modified in any way.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: [SOLVED] error on first attempt

Thank you for your help. I started over and copied and pasted (did not use the supplied copy button) and it worked.  Great product and support