Topic: Cannot install Tiltviewer

Downloaded Tiltviewer, the unpacked dir contains several files, but not tiltviewer.exe. Simpleviewer Pro works okay on my computer. I would have thought that Tiltviewer should start on my computer like svBuilder Pro, with tiltviewer.exe, but no.

The file tiltviewer.swf is in the dir that was made after unpacking the zip file, but I don't suppose this is enough. Starting this shock wave file makes firefox say that I have to install shockwave - but the newest version is already on my computer.

What is going on????????????? How do I start Tiltviewer and make something with it?

Re: Cannot install Tiltviewer

SimpleViewer comes with svBuilder but there is no equivalent program for TiltViewer.
Methods of creating a TiltViewer gallery can be found here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team