Topic: vsBuilder do not resize images

My VsBuilder standard (not pro) does not resize images. I've done research, reinstall software and have repeated all the routine many times but it won't work. It seems like a basic feature, and no one is complaining about it in Forum so I'm a bit hesitant to come up with something like this in the first place. I import small jpgs (100-300K) and everything is pretty much default and untouched. In "Config Options List" I don't find any Scaling - I find Scaling in the Pro List though. Can it be that resizing works only in Pro?

Many thanks in advance!

Re: vsBuilder do not resize images

svBuilder will downscale images (if necessary) when creating a gallery.
Go to the 'Images' tab and click the 'Change...' button in the 'Image Size' control panel.
In the pop-up window that appears, you can change the maximum width and maximum height for the images.
Your images will be resized only if they are larger than the specified maximum dimensions.
If your images are already within these maximum bounds, they will not be scaled-up. They will simply be copied across to the gallery's images' folder.

When the gallery is being displayed in a browser, SimpleViewer-Standard uses the default value of imageScaleMode which is SCALE. Large images are dynamically scaled down to fit within the image area but small images are not scaled up.
In order to change the value of imageScaleMode, SimpleViewer-Pro would be required.

A description of the imageScaleMode configuration option and all its possible values (SCALE, SCALE_UP, FILL, STRETCH, NONE) can be found in the Main Image section of the Config Options page.

It sounds like you might have better results if you were to feed svBuilder larger resolution images.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team