Topic: question about mobile gallery

hi together

i build my first homepage. at the moment its only for testing and learning, but you can have a look at only "home" has content.

my question is, if it is possible, to configure the mobile version that there will be shown thumbs and a picture. i tried a lot, but i only get the mobile page with thumbs and no opened picture, or with the opened picture but no thumbs.

thanks for helping.

Re: question about mobile gallery

With the Mobile Player within SimpleViewer, a grid of thumbnails is displayed from which a main image can be selected.
The chosen main image will replace the grid of thumbnails and the user can return to the thumbnail page using the Thumbnail Button on the Button Bar.
It is not possible to display both the thumbnails and the main images together on the same page with the Mobile Player.
Please see these FAQs:
When I view my gallery I see a grid of thumbnails, not the layout I specified. Why?
The mobile player layout does not match the Flash player layout. Why not?
Also, the Mobile Player supports fewer configuration options than the Flash Player.
A list of configuration options supported by the Mobile Player can be found here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team