Topic: SubGallery

I know I have seen this somewhere in the forums but I cant seem to find it now. I would like to have sub galleries within my galleries, can you direct me to where I would find that info?

For example I would like to have a gallery that is "special Occasion", and then within that have "girls special occasion" and "teen special occasion". Thanks!

Re: SubGallery

It is not really possible to have a gallery within a gallery.
You could link to other galleries from within a gallery though, by including links within:
(1) an image's caption: How do I add HTML formatting to my captions?
(2) a gallery title: How do I add HTML formatting to the Title text?
(3) the main images themselves.

For #3 above, set imageClickMode="OPEN_URL" and when a main image is clicked, the user will be taken to the corresponding linkURL (from the gallery's XML file) which will be opened in the specified linkTarget browser tab or window.
If you are using svBuilder-Pro to create your galleries, the linkURL and linkTarget entries can be entered on the 'Images' tab.

I hope this helps.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team