Topic: Three separate galleries under one heading

I have my heading Photographs on my website but when I click it I get my photo gallery, great!  I would like to now know if I can organise the photos so that they are under three separate headings: Landscapes, Headshots, Animals?  Or do I need to have subheadings from the Photographs main heading then upload three galleries?  I have a feeling it's the latter but thought to ask just in case.

Thank you.

Re: Three separate galleries under one heading

It would probably be easier to just create and upload three separate galleries.
However, you could have all your galleries share the same core files and for each gallery, you would point towards a unique XML file (listing different images) using the galleryURL configuration option.

For a single page-solution to load multiple galleries into a container on a web page via links, please see this forum post for details.
It changes the baseURL (each gallery in a separate folder) depending on which gallery is selected but you could modify the code to change the galleryURL instead.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team