Topic: missing something perhaps?

So... I just installed Simpleviewer.

The Manage Galleries page only lets me Delete All Data, Set Defaults, or Reset Defaults.

Clicking on any of these seems to achieve nothing after the confirm box pops up.

There is no "Add gallery" option anywhere I can see.

There's an option for adding a Simpleview gallery in posts, which gives me a bunch of ugly thumbnails stuffed into the top of the post (identical to clicking "Add Media" in a post) ... and no gallery. Clicking on any thumbnail just displays the image wrapped in the WP template... e.g. standard WP functionality.

Sorry if I sound disappointed... this is the fifth WP Gallery plug-in I've tried that doesn't appear to have undergone any UAT.  :( 

WP 3.5.1
SimpleViewer  2.3.21

Re: missing something perhaps?

Galleries are added by clicking the 'Add SimpleViewer Gallery' button (on the editor's toolbar) whilst creating or editing a post.
When using the Media Library as a source of images for your gallery, SimpleViewer will display all images attached to the post.
To attach images to a post, click the 'Add Media' button (above the editor's toolbar) and drag and drop images into the media window. Once the images have finished uploading, just close the media window (do not click 'Insert into post'). (It sounds like you may have clicked the 'Insert into post' button.)
Instructions for adding media library images can be found here.
If you do not see a gallery at all, then it sounds like there may not be a SimpleViewer shortcode (such as [simpleviewer gallery_id="1"]) in your post. (This should be entered automatically by the plugin after clicking the 'Add SimpleViewer Gallery' button and then the 'Add Gallery' button at the bottom of the pop-up gallery settings window )
If you continue to experience difficulties, please post the URL to your post into which you are trying to embed a gallery and I will take a look and try to help further.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team