Topic: Off in the settings UserAgent


Please, tell me whether you can disable identification UserAgent in the plugin settings?  In order to display on mobile devices flash-version of gallery? I love your plugin, but the mobile version I do not like ...

Best regards, Alexey (Russia)

Re: Off in the settings UserAgent

By default, SimpleViewer will display the Flash Player version of the gallery if Adobe Flash Player is available in the user's browser or device. Otherwise, SimpleViewer will display the Mobile Player version of the gallery.
(It is not possible to have the Flash Player version of the gallery used on mobile devices which do not support Adobe Flash Player.)

The only way to override this behavior is to use the 'Use Flash' checkbox in the gallery settings window.

If 'Use Flash' is selected, then the default behavior (above) will be used.
If 'Use Flash' is deselected, then SimpleViewer will use the Mobile Player in all browsers and on all devices, regardless of whether or not Adobe Flash Player is supported.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team