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I'm confused as to how I can effectively use a SimpleViewer gallery on a mobile device. I've looked to integrate one into a page, but it's proven to be unstable. There are two pages based on the same design feeding from galleries hosted on Flickr. One gallery is here:

I can't understand why the gallery jumps on my mobile (a Galaxy S4), or why it is low set in the browsers I've used (Chrome on mobile and desktop as well as Safari).

I hope this isn't too trivial a request and that you can assist me in resolving this problem.

Many thanks


Re: Mobile Gallery Set Up

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "the gallery jumps".
The gallery seems to be stable and functions OK when I view it on an iOS device (I do not have a Galaxy S4 to test on).

The problem with the height of the gallery (and the bottom of the gallery being truncated) is likely to be due to setting the height of the gallery to 100%.
When using a percentage height, it is necessary to ensure that all parent containers of the gallery (in your case, the 'content', 'container', 'gallery' and 'box' divs) have heights specified via CSS so that SimpleViewer can determine what its actual height should be. Otherwise, the 100% is meaningless (100% of what?).
Check that all your gallery's parent containers have all been assigned heights or, alternatively, try setting your gallery's height to a fixed pixel value.

If you have a header of fixed height and want the gallery to take up the remainder of the browser window space (without the need for a scrollbar), then please see the Using a Resizable Gallery with a Header support section.
You could perhaps view the source of the View Vertical Resizable Gallery with Header Example in your browser and modify it to suit your own needs. This example uses JavaScript to determine the current height of the browser window and then subtract the fixed header height from this value to calculate the height for the gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Mobile Gallery Set Up

Hi Steven

Just wanted to thank you for getting back to me. I have to admit that my web editing is still relatively amateur, so it's good to have any kind of guidance. I'm currently looking to completely overhall my site and have noted the advice you've given me with regard to the 'container' in my CSS. I will post again once I have completed the work or if I have any further issues.



Re: Mobile Gallery Set Up

I'm currently looking to completely overhall my site...

You might be interested in another one of our products - Showkase.
Showkase is a PHP web application which allows you to create complete portfolio web sites (integrating multiple galleries) online.

Showkase has full support for SimpleViewer-Pro (and Juicebox-Pro galleries) and the galleries can be created within the application itself in a web browser interface. (Alternatively, you can import existing galleries on your web server to save you recreating them.)
You can create Gallery Index pages and have as many galleries listed on each Gallery Index page as you wish (with each gallery represented by a thumbnail image).

Showkase can also create non-gallery pages (About, Basic and Contact) where you can add information about yourself (or any other content you like).
All of this is done automatically within the Showkase interface without the need for any manual coding at all.

Demo sites created by Showkase can be found here.

If you would like to take a look at the Showkase interface, you can do so by logging into the Live Demo Admin.

Showkase can be purchased as Showkase-Standard (which comes with SimpleViewer-Standard and Juicebox-Lite, the free versions of the image viewers) or Showkase-Pro (which comes with SimpleViewer-Pro and Juicebox-Pro). The only difference between Showkase-Standard and Showkase-Pro is the bundled viewers.
As you already have SimpleViewer-Pro, you could purchase Showkase-Standard and upgrade it to use your SimpleViewer-Pro files by following the Installing a Pro Viewer instructions.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team