Topic: Autoplay slideshow doesn't work in IE

I created an autoplay slideshow set to music, found at On Google Chrome, everything works fine (on my computer, anyway). The show starts automatically, the music plays and the timing is great.

On IE, though, I just get an index of pictures. You can manually scroll through them, but there's no music and autoplay doesn't seem to work. Same for my husband's Samsung tablet.

I went through all the settings and didn't see anything about allowances for different browsers. I haven't tried on Opera, Firefox, etc.

I'm using svBuilder pro 2.3.1.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Re: Autoplay slideshow doesn't work in IE

What you are describing is the Mobile Player which is used to display the gallery on mobile devices and in browsers which do not have Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled.

Please see these FAQs for further details:
When I view my gallery I see a grid of thumbnails, not the layout I specified. Why?
The mobile player layout does not match the Flash player layout. Why not?

Once you install Adobe Flash Player in your Internet Explorer browser (by visiting this web page), your gallery will display as you expect it to but please note that there is no way to display the gallery using the Flash Player on mobile devices which do not support Adobe Flash. SimpleViewer will use the Mobile Player to display the gallery on such devices.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team